About Us

The Jordanian Palestinian Agricultural Products Marketing Company (JPACO) is an established company sponsored and capitalized by the governments of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Palestinian National Authority "State of Palestine." As a result of cooperation between the two countries, the company aims to improve export markets for fresh and processed products from both nations by encouraging small and medium-sized farmers to grow exportable crops instead of traditional ones


The vision is to establish a distinctive brand for high-quality products from Jordan and Palestine in global markets by excelling in quality. In addition, the aim is to lead exporting companies in both countries to improve their competitive abilities


To regain and increase the market share of Jordanian and Palestinian agricultural products in global markets by overcoming the difficulties and obstacles faced by exporters in both countries. Additionally, the aim is to study, analyze, and penetrate new exporting markets for fresh and processed agricultural products from both countries by capitalizing on networks and market linkages


JPACO is continuously making accelerated efforts to penetrate international markets. The company has created new distinctive brands that reflect the historical and heritage features of the region, including Sawa, Qotouf, and Turabuna.

Sawa is the main brand, which means "together," representing the unity of the two nations, two lands, and two peoples.

Qotouf and Turabuna are two additional brands that reflect the unique characteristics of the region and give a traditional feeling related to land, farming, and crops.